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Redbeard -- you voice my sentiment 100%. People that flocked over to lame social media groups ask sometime why I bother with CT; some even think I am affiliated with VS, lol. Answer is simple --when I moved to Coast I had no clue where to hike; CT reports and trail wiki opened my eyes. All for free. Strong sense of community. This is debt I will always feel obliged to repay. So I take it personal what happened. All the damage and people that left. simonc, burnabyhiker, etc etc. and their legendary reports. Yes, things change, yes social media and quick and dirty get me a like I crave, but there is more than that.

Most damage was done right after the takeover, when nobody cared for anything and it was felt. There is some interaction now, but it does not address the core problem which starts with sneaky viglinks but does not end there.

I was asked privately & I believe if things stay as they are CT will fold in 2 years. I will stick like Karvitk and few others to bitter end, but that day is imminent unless someone senior from VS takes CT seriously under his wing and completely rewamps entire thing.
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