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100%, zeljkok. I agree that there have been many complaints about the "revamped" CT over the last few years and it's really sad that they've for the most part fallen on deaf ears. The issues you mention - banner, image uploader, ads - all are worthy of discussion. If you're not logged in or don't have an ad blocker, CT is really a terrible platform.

I don't know what it will take to improve it, but I will put my hand up and say I'm willing to do whatever I can to help. The CT community has enhanced my life in many ways. The first and foremost benefit has been inspiration - CT showed me what is possible, opened my eyes to the incredible backcountry here in BC (and beyond), and continues to bring my attention to areas that I don't think I'd have ever found otherwise. It has also connected me to like-minded hiking partners who have become great friends. I would hate to abandon all of this.

I'll admit that my original reply on this thread stating my intention to remove all content from CT was potentially a bit hasty. That said, my feelings about the VigLinks in particular are still strong. How can we bring the upper level management of the site admin into a discussion about funding CT in a way that isn't so oppressive and will instead enhance and grow CT rather than grind it into the ground? We used to have a CT calendar. Obviously there needs to be a will to manage it, but the CT calendar was a great way of coming up with funds for the site. I wasn't involved in the CT calendar at all, but I bought one the last time. How many people bought them? Was it too small a number to justify the effort?

How much money is VigLinks bringing in? Can we replace that revenue via a different means?
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