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You guys aren't listening.

I don't care if the person reading my post is logged in or not. I don't want links being put in my posts that are selling things without my permission. I'm not an idiot and I understand that it's a scripting bot not an actual person pouring over our posts and inserting them manually. You, however, have the ability to deactivate the scripting bot so that it stops doing that.

Do it.

Or don't, I guess. Just don't look around all confused when no one uses this damn site anymore because you ran it into the ground and refused to listen to the members. I'm by no means as involved as many others on this thread, but I've been an active member for 7 years now and have posted 49 trip reports. I already have a blog that I essentially duplicate my posts on these days because I hate what's been going on with CT. I'd hate to have to pull all my content off this site, but I guess if you continue to simply refuse to adjust your practices, that'll be what's necessary.
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