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Originally Posted by seawallrunner View Post
Nice hike, Redbeard, and beautiful photos. You write "Iím sure a proper photographer (of Photoshopper) would know what to do with a dSLR in that lighting, but Iím definitely not up to the task." All you need is a graduated ND filter, which you can buy in any camera shop. The top is dark, and the bottom is clear. This will enable you to take defined cloud pictures, with the bottom part of the image (a landscape) clearly defined as well. These ND filters can be plastic (about $25) or glass (about $100). You can also buy a screw-on adapter for your camera lens, but you will also find a few photographers here simply hold the filter next to the lens ...with their fingers. No holder required.
Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely look into that!

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