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Just caught up on this whole thread. For the record, I personally use an adblocker in Firefox as my primary way of using CT. If I use my phone, CT is virtually unusable, both because the platform sucks and because of the ads.

I strongly support idealistic74's resistance to the ad links created from our personal content. The admin's point about being logged in or not is irrelevant and completely ignoring idealistic74's original complaint. If this isn't changed, I'll be removing all of my content from CT. I can put up with the banner and sidebar ads (particularly since I never really see them anyways), but I'm strongly opposed to having my personal content used to sell things via links embedded in my posts.

For what it's worth, I for one would be willing to pay an annual subscription to keep CT ad-free for all - both those who have a CT account and those who don't. I understand there are costs to running a website and am willing to support it directly rather than forcing the site to rely on ad revenue.
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