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Originally Posted by VSadmin View Post
If you're not logged in, you'll see more ads. you'll see all the ads for guest users, which is why we recommend that you guys log in since you are members.

Of course even as members, we still have some ads.
If they are intrusive, you can report them to use with the screenshot and [b] ad url [/url] and a little brief on why it's disturbing your experience.

That's typically what I do on CT, login before use.

However a few weeks ago I signed into CT, while using my company laptop via our corporate VPN. This is loaded with multiple SSL, transacts through an obfuscating server in the USA, has multiple levels of encryption and their own real-time threat surveillance for all employee systems. It is always right. A minute after I logged in, I received a text from IT at head office in the States saying that at least one advert, displaying on the CT login page, prior to login, contained embedded malware, Malvertising, if you will. Curiously, a while later my Macafee anti-virus layer also reported 'suspicious' attempts, which my company says was at a TCP sequence attack, but in my case all connectivity was shut off immediately by my company, a scan done and all clear.

I do think CT needs to pay attention to the potential for embedded nasty stuff in what may be legitimate advertising. How are you ensuring that is so?


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