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I am no expert, but bot clicks are illegal; it is form of theft where business that pays for add publishing is victim. Google, as publishing clearinghouse, has invested into infrastructure to validate human generated clicks. They also ensure you don't click on your own adds. If you are adsense client (add publisher), they have list of your devices (not just by IP address); if you click on your own add, you see click added into your account for about an hour, then it disappears. They also remove your own views from CTR index.

Each 1st in the month is 'accounting day' -- Google software runs against the clicks generated in previous month that passed initial filter (i.e self clicks). I believe this is where bot clicks are removed. I had 'valid' clicks --from somewhere in South America most frequently-- only to be removed on 'accounting' day -- I assume because they were 'bot' clicks. How do they do that I don't know but I imagine they maintain various lists of IP addresses. Valid web page (re)indexing, which happens all the time, does not generate add clicks.

Fraud is still of course frequent. You can ask friends to click on your adds, or go to public places like Apple Store and keep clicking on your adds as long as someone doesn't kick you out of the store.

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