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I'd like to say few words in general re adds

I normally use CT from laptop with Add Block so I never see any of it. But recently I started using more Android smartphone without any sort of add blocker and boy does it over show up. I am not talking viglinks, but adds in general.

Adds are reality nowdays, everywhere but I think people that like them are far and few in between. Considering user base drop-off after VS takeover (fair amount have left just because of adds!) - I'd seriously consider taking adds out entirely. I understand adds are source of revenue for the company, but I'd be really really surprised if this amounts to anything significant. I am speaking from personal experience where I get 1 click per each 200-300 hits on my own web presence, and this click is < 1 dollar most of the time. There must be some other ways to monetize CT content.

Just a food for thought
(Oh yes, and I'd consider making native smartphone CT app too, but this is separate topic).
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