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There are some really great pictures in your set, and somehow the "attached images" aren't just duplicates from the post, but more scenes. It's too bad you seem to think a bit of the quality is lost in the upload process, even I've managed to get some good fall colour photos along the trail. Some of the reds and yellows are so intense even in the raw images, they almost seem a bit fake.

We haven't done our trip to Baldwin Lakes yet this season, I decided to take BC2Skier's advice and try her new access from "Cranberry Creek" to the central part of the range. Cleaning the trail at a slow pace is my preferred method, since there's usually a wasp nest or two in the forest.
It's too bad Needle trail has got so popular, I don't go there on weekends anymore. Any time you can do a hike and not see any others aside from your fellow party members is a bonus.
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