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Originally Posted by MikeW View Post
I went up lizzie lake road a few years ago before the alder was thinned out and again last year after it was thinned out, it makes travel up much quicker so now would be the time to visit if you ever wanted to.

WTF how did the decent look on the north ridge looking down? I was camped at the Tundra-Caltha col the first time I was in the area and I went up Tundra and was to tired to head up Caltha after but the north ridge looked fun from a distance. Also if you do go back up ascend Tundra from the south ridge not the scrambles route you will enjoy it a lot more.
I was up last year as well and it's definitely better without that alder bash before Lizzie Lake. Hopefully it stays like this for a few years, I'll be back and the snow might fly up there as early as tomorrow.

The descent down the North Ridge of Caltha looked involved from the summit. We were tempted to try it, but in the name of speed we decided to reverse the route we knew. I'm sure that north ridge is good, we might try it on another trip, just for fun.

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