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Originally Posted by CEB View Post
@mikeplowright I have a Frogg Toggs suit but have yet to take it on a trip as there hasn't been any darn rain this year at home for me to test it. I keep packing my Marmot Precip jacket/pants. I like the pants but I don't particularly find the Precip jacket that breathable for me and I'm not really sure how waterproof it is as it seems damp inside (from gooey hiking me). I recall reading somewhere that some people claim the Frogg Toggs is actually more breathable/waterproof than the Marmot Precip. Seems crazy but what's your take?
First, don't bother with the Frgog Toggs pants. They rip so easily. Surprisingly, though, the jacket is quite durable. I wouldn't expect the Frogg Toggs jacket to blow your mind with its breathability; realistically, it probably won't be much of a noticeable difference. That said, in regards to it being a $20 jacket and around 5oz~, its breathability deserves a bit of recognition when put up against more expensive, $100+ jackets. I pair it with a rain kilt, although I do sometimes opt for an umbrella over the jacket. Umbrellas are the ultimate breathable rain protection!
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