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I'm usually at 28-30 lbs when I carry my bag, including 1 Litre of water, a small Bear Cannister and... yup my Helinox Chair. I've gotten to the point also that I realize that I just don't need a ton of food on shorter trips. I know I could get rid of 3-5 lbs but they're my security blanket extras that I have't come to terms with dumping yet. I'm trying to track which items I never seem to use and then be smarter about why I select them. I don't have a ton of money into my gear but I've done ok by watching EBay/used deals: REI Subkilo 15 degree bag, Big Agnes Flycreek, Deuter 45+10 ACT SL Lite, BA Q Core Pad. I weigh everything and I'm always interested in what others carry. I only ended up doing destination hikes this summer due to the high snows/fires so I'm probably messed up for longer distances now but I do dayhike with lots of just in case gear and because I want to keep some weight on my back so I don't totally detrain. I'm fairly new back to backpacking and usually go Solo so there's no sharing of item weight, I need to carry it all myself.
@mikeplowright I have a Frogg Toggs suit but have yet to take it on a trip as there hasn't been any darn rain this year at home for me to test it. I keep packing my Marmot Precip jacket/pants. I like the pants but I don't particularly find the Precip jacket that breathable for me and I'm not really sure how waterproof it is as it seems damp inside (from gooey hiking me). I recall reading somewhere that some people claim the Frogg Toggs is actually more breathable/waterproof than the Marmot Precip. Seems crazy but what's your take?
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