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Originally Posted by Chris S. View Post
Your trip reports encourage me to get into shape! Your choice in locations are quite exotic as I've never heard of these areas before. Unfortunately I'm not experienced or skilled enough, as well as physically fit enough to conquer the same intriguing trails you've done. Thanks for posting this trip report, I'll look into this region and perhaps I can do something in the future!
My trip reports make it sound like I'm in shape, which I don't feel. Most of the areas I visit are from the Scrambles in South West BC book. Though those peaks and many others can be found by reading old trip reports here.

As to skill and experience, yes I've done hundreds of peaks, comes with age. But I started at zero, just like everyone. Take your time, stay safe, and you'll get there too.

Originally Posted by Ryl View Post
Good stuff. It's interesting to see how many people are hitting the Stein this year, it's really picking up compared to a few years back!

Tabletop is an alarming peak, having seen it drop a huge volume of rock off the back I'm super wary of it now.

Seems like words out that the access road has been cleared of that nasty alder. Anyone who wants to get in there, get on it, it will all grow back in a couple years.

As to rockfall, I learned to scramble in the Rockies, they drop plenty. Rockfall is just a fact of life in the mountains.

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