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Default High Falls Creek

This is less of a trip report and more of a recommendation for those that want to start migrating from easy hikes into a little more exposed scrambling.

Shadee and I headed out this morning under cloudy skies, after meeting at Tim Horton's in Squamish. Neither of us had a camera with us, so unfortunately we can't show you the fascinating views and occasional exposure we encountered.

I was very pleasantly surprised with this hike, as right away you climb up these steep bluffs, using a chain to help yourself up if required. It was easy enough (for me with my long legs and arms) but my dog Willie had a difficult time, and at the very beginning I had to climb back down and hoist him (in his indignation) up past a tricky bit that he couldn't jump up.

The hike carried on like this for awhile, closely following High Falls creek. The trail was right on the edge of a canyon, often right on the edge, where a misstep would send you down (50m?) into the drink. There were a few more rope assisted bluffs, and some spectacular views of the canyon. Apparently, in 1994, an unfortunate woman plunged from one of these bluffs to her death in the canyon. Occasionally we would reach little plateaus that allowed views from across the valley, over the Tantalus range. Also, along the trail there were a couple viewpoints that offered excellent views of the waterfall and the gorge. I kicked myself more than once for not bringing my camera. It was very beautiful and dramatic scenery.

The trail weaved in and out of new and old forest. We noticed many mushrooms, and many beautiful and large trees.

It started to rain towards the end of the trail, and after predicting that the rain would stop ten minutes after we donned our rain gear, it did, and the sun came out. The trail ended when we came out on the logging road, and we figured it would be wise just to head down the road back to the truck, as the trail would surely be quite slippery.

So we walked easily down the logging road, and even took a shortcut down a boulder field to avoid more tedious logging road walking. What's a hike with me if it doesn't involve at least a little off-trail boulder crawling or bushwacking?

We finished the day with a fine burger and beer at the Shady Tree in Squamish, a test run for those worried about the food quality for the Nov 13 Petgill lake hike! To those worried, I say don't! It was a good burger, and of course the beer is always good.

I like to recommend this hike because it's a good opportunity for those that want to start getting a little more technical, as it does involve a small amount of scrambling. But it is not difficult - there are rope assist where one might need them, and the trail itself is pretty hard to miss. There are exposed sections on the trail, but neither Shady nor I had any difficulty or issue with them.

Elevation gain - 640m.

To get there - from Vancouver, go past Squamish and Brackendale, turn left at Squamish river road. Drive for awhile, keeping left at the road fork. At 22km, you'll come across a dam, and then shortly thereafter you will come to High Falls creek bridge. Park on the Squamish side of the bridge, and then get out and walk across the bridge. In a few metres you will come to the trailhead, heading to your right. Head up, and away you go. AFter the waterfall, you will encounter a junction, where you can go left, or straight. If you feel like a slightly longer hike, go straight, otherwise, head left. Both of these junctions will lead you to the logging road, if you want to walk down it turn left and down you go. Otherwise, turn back on the trail, and retrace your steps. Alternatively, you can go right and head up Cloudburst mountain, but that's another story and TR

This was a great hike
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