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Originally Posted by Wandering Tree Frog View Post
I was up Cheam Friday.
Road is in regular conditions, the repairs reported above amount to only one short section. I had no problems driving the whole way in 2wd, but others seem to find this road challenging, so YMMV.
Flowers are still blooming, but with the hot dry weather will probably start to turn brown soon.
Bugs weren't to bad, except the summit, where huge swarm of flying bugs had taken over, lunch was had a little lower to avoid them.
The smoke, yup still bad, hazy everywhere, but we all know that.
Had the entire mountain to myself, not another person all day.
If it's in "regular" condition then it must have been very well fixed up, because prior to that roadwork it was much worse than the "regular" (by regular I mean what I saw in the last three years). No way a 2wd would have made it up there a month ago.

Thanks! It means now I can go
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