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Question What's with all the music!!!!!??????

It seems that more frequently now I run across younger folks hiking with their music on their phones turned on and not in earbuds. What's this all about?! I thought we went hiking to get away from that kind of stuff. Enjoy the quiet, the wind, the sounds of the trails.

Someone I know suggested that it was the new "bear bell". I have to say, there's nothing more frustrating than having to listen to someone else's music when I'm on a hiking trail. STOP IT! I've hiked thousands of kilometres in both front and back country in BC and never once have I had any kind of serious encounter with a bear! As soon as they see you, they run the other way. REALLY, that's what they do. Only bears accustomed to people don't and those ones aren't on the trails. So much paranoia, so little reason.

rant over.
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