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So... we changed plans and went to the Bugaboos. I read there's smoke impairing the views along the Skyline Trail, I thought this walk is too boring for him and most important we got a 4x4 car from the rental company which wasn't planned.

Guess he liked it. He was fast. He didn't like the beans in the dinner but: not tragic! He especially liked the glacier lake and scrambling around in the rocks. He carried the two foam pads (just in case somebody is worried how large his pack is... didn't fit perfectly, too large overall, but even though the shoulders were aching the next day a bit - no problem), his clothes and the tent poles, something around 5 kg, maybe towards 6 kg with the small bottle of water (excited about the fresh cold taste). I would have stopped at the boulder camp but he wanted to go further to the climber's campground. He got a bit cold and tired during the last stretch with snow (his shoes were too light for that) but he knew he has to be a reliable part of the team - no problem! Which he was.

He was even faster going down, a bit bored towards the end perhaps, when is the parking coming. Tired. Overall I think it was a success and we had a very nice time. Okay, he didn't want to do something else afterwards, like going camping elsewhere ;-). He learned that it takes a while to reach the goal (are we almost there? after 45 minutes) and that the weather changes quickly in the mountains. He slept like a baby even though it was quite windy at night (warm first but cold feet during the night, the sleeping bag was too long and I expected that he adjusts such things by himself, brought thicker socks, but he didn't - overall no problem!). Oh, and I forgot the bug spray but the mosquitos weren't too bad in the beginning even though he mentioned them - which I mostly ignored

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