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Originally Posted by cwwmbm View Post
FYI Mt Cheam road is in worse condition that it was last few years. I consistently made it up every year last 3 years in my 2004 Forester albeit with some bottoming out here and there. Couldn't make it past 1/4 point this year Right where I turned around there were 4 cars parked (including an F150), so I suppose I'm not the only one who couldn't negotiate that piece.

I guess Cheam hike is out for me until I get a more offroad vehicle.
Sounds like they plan to fix it up on Saturday.
Fraser Valley Regional District

2 mins

NO ACCESS TO CHEAM PEAK THIS THURSDAY - The Ministry of Forests, Lakes and Natural Resource Operations will be closing Chipmunk Creek Forest Service Road (leading to the Mt. Cheam trail) this Thursday, starting at 4 am to complete road work. It is expected that the damaged sections of road will be repaired by 2 pm. There will be no public access to Cheam Peak during this time. Please note that there will be no parking permitted within 200 metres of the work site.
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