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Default Harness-free scrambling protection

As I get into scrambling and alpine hiking more, one of the questions that I've thought of is: What happens if weather causes trickier sections to suddenly become hazardous? One may feel fine free soloing a section when dry, but maybe not so much if it's been raining or snowing over night. So, how best to protect oneself in such scenarios in both solo and partnered treks?

For ascents, I've watched a few videos on using harnessed climbing techniques, belaying with and without devices (Italian hitches), but that seems to be overly complex, especially given I'm more concerned about extra protection in bad weather more than tackling difficult pitches for fun.

For descents, I've mostly read about abseiling, which is definitely not what I'm looking for here.

I've read about "moving together" in a couple places (such as On the surface, it seems like it could be exactly what I'm looking for just for an extra bit of protection. Are there other similar techniques for this kind of thing? Assuming this isn't really something that can be taught in a climbing gym, are there places that offer instruction for this kind of thing that partners could take together, or would it perhaps be a part of a more generalized mountaineering course (I'm definitely not opposed to taking one of those either)?
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