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Originally Posted by farzad.panahi View Post
Just for the record, I should say I really appreciate and thank the people at Banff Park. They called me ahead of time and told me about the situation. They knew we were going since we had backcountry permit for the campsites of the trail in the Alberta part (McBride campsite and Big Springs). Also they did a full refund of my backcountry permit.

On the other hand I did not have a single call or email from BC Parks about the wildfire situation, which ironically is more sever on the BC side in the Sunshine village. I have a backcountry permit for all the days in the BC region. I cannot cancel it online, so I called them. But no luck. They cannot cancel or refund it via phone. I had to fill out a form which I did. I am just hoping that they do a full refund.

It looks like that two park authorities in two provinces take two different approaches towards the same issue. It might be also related to managing priorities in BC which is facing crazy load of wildfires in this season.
I wouldn't be too hard on the BC folks. They must be completely overwhelmed!
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