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Originally Posted by Kokanee75 View Post
Today I was lucky to grab permits for the Skyline Trail (cancellations!). I want to attempt that with a 12 year old, almost 13. He is a very sensible, kind person but still a kid - almost a teenager. And not used to the Canadian wilderness and never went hiking as far as I know (he is sportive). Any tips how to make this hike an enjoyable experience for him? (he is a perfect camper, doesn’t need a pillow and sleeps perfectly on hard ground. He is a nature lover, just made a study on how to repel snails from garden plants without chemicals (coffee ground works best)).

I feel confident but also a bit nervous. (would have loved to do Berg Lake, more families, but the dates don’t fit – yet). Unfortunately I don’t know the Skyline Trail myself. But I guess it’s pretty easy overall besides the last boring stretch – we'll start from Maligne Lake, 3 nights.
I'm sure he will be fine, I am doing the skyline this year with my 11 year old also over 3 nights in august. For him I find the trick is good treats and ensuring he is relatively comfortqble... which means I carry the majority of the gear to keep his pack light (he carries his clothes, sleeping pad, sleeping bag etc) I envolve him in the planning especially the food (good food is always a pleasent thing on the trail) Generally we take junk to snack on that we never have at home (pop tarts and such) and that keeps his mood high. Over 3 nights that makes most of the days fairly short mileage wise so I will let him set the pace, if he wants to stop every 10 min so be it... jasper has some long day light in the summer. Also for skyline to deal with the mosquitos that are terrible, good bug spray, head net and mosquito coils will help with the comfort.
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