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Originally Posted by farzad.panahi View Post
Anyone has any news from hikers recently visiting the Sunshine meadows in Banff? Most of the trails are closed in mount Assiniboine park now. Any info on that area regarding wildfires affecting the trails, air pollution and hiking conditions is much appreciated.

Anyone planning to hike in that area this week?
Don't go. It's closed for a reason, and even if you choose a trail network that is open at the moment, you're risking having to evacuate very quickly if conditions change. I don't think it is worth it, even if you don't get evacuated, since it will be so smoky and gross, it'll be very hard on your lungs, eyes, nose, etc. Nothing about that sounds enjoyable to me.

There are plenty of other places that are very beautiful that are much more attractive to hike right now. Check out the Waterton area, or different areas of Kananaskis.
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