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Default "White Rock" trail on Eagle Ridge blowdown

We (Coquitlam SAR) have had reports from many hikers that the routes to the White Rock trail on Eagle Ridge are choked with blowdown and are very difficult to follow. Several people report having to turn back despite being in sight of the rock, or taking an extra hour to reach the destination.

This includes access via Cypress Lake, East Bastion and via Halvor Lunden.

If you intend on hiking in this area leave extra time, and you'll need some advanced route finding skills. Hikers reported that dogs are having a lot of trouble on the route.

Thanks to Ashika Prasad and Steve Chapman for pointing out the issue and gathering information.

Mountaineer, SAR Volunteer and author of TrueNorth Geospatial http://www.TrueNorthGeospatial.com
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I hiked this trail yesterday from Halvor Lunden and found a couple of trees across the trail about 100 meters from the rock and another tree somewhere in the middle between the rock and El Paso. Nothing major, passable over or under. Upper part of the trail quite overgrown.
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We were up there on Saturday. Trail from Halvor Lunden (El Paso area) to White Rock was ok, until you got to 50m of the rock - there were a number of large trees down overtop the trail that made going difficult, but still possible. There was still occasional flagging and since you could see the rock, it was easy enough to go a logical direction towards it until you picked up the trail again. Think this is what Irkutianin is referring to.

From the rock heading further east (ultimately to connect to Bastion or Cypress Lake) was much worse. Lots of blowdown obscuring things, overgrown bushes obscuring the trail, sparse flagging becoming non existent 15m east of the rock. We lost it early on, and decided to cut our losses and just head back the way we came (mostly because the dog was having a fair bit of trouble with the blowdows and thick bush). I suspect the trail (once/if you could find it again) gets better if you can find your way out of the cutblock (?) area surrounding the White Rock and into the thicker forest to the East (assuming there would be less blowdown among the taller/thicker trees), but we thought it best to play it safe and return the way we came rather than continue to thrash through everything and try and pick up the trail further on.

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