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Default Garibaldi Trip

My friend and I are planning a 5 day hiking trip in Garibaldi national park. What we really would like to do is one large loop, rather than camping in one spot and going to different places each day. We're going on the last week of July and would love some tips/ recommendations. We definitely want to hit the summit of Black Tusk, and panorama ridge. But what are some other summits we could reach without showshoes or crampons or ice axes.
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Hello Aaron,

Congratulations to your friend on going for his Duke of Edinburgh Award! That's quite the accomplishment.
I'm not available during the time you guys are going but I have done lots of hiking in Garibaldi Park, so I have a suggested itinerary for you.

Day 1 - Garibaldi Lake - Get dropped off at the Rubble Creek parking lot, hike into Garibaldi Lake. Camp behind the second shelter at the lake. It puts you closest to the Battleship Islands. Relax for the rest of the day, go for a swim if it's nice.

Day 2 - Clinker/Mt. Price - Continue walking along the shore of the lake, with it on your left. You'll pass the Ranger cabin, the dock, and a little tool shed. On your right in the trees you're looking for a piece of orange ribbon. Follow these ribbons, around the lake and then up to the base of Mt. Clinker. Summit Clinker, drop down into the coll and up onto Mt. Price. Mt. Price is the volcano that is responsible for some of the features in the park, including the Barrier Wall you would've seen on your way in.
NOTE: The Clinker/Mt. Price trail is no longer shown on park maps as it's no longer maintained. It is however well marked and easy enough to follow if you pay attention for the trail markers. There is also no water on the trail after leaving the lake, take enough to last, it's 14kms round trip.

Day 3 - Panorama Ridge - Another 14kms day, but we'll do a slight variation and make this a loop trail. Head along the trail from the lake, lake will be on your right, towards Panorama Ridge. When you get to Outhouse Junction, you're going to make a slight detour. If you stand looking back towards the lake, with the outhouse on your right hand side, you'll see a trail across the meadows that heads off to the left. This is the old trail to Panorama Ridge. Cross the meadows and get on this trail. You'll get to the intersection where the original campsite at Black Tusk tarn was located. Check out the old campsite if you'd like, but definitely follow the trail down and go check out Mimilus Falls. The only waterfall on that side of the park.
Continue along the old trail, up on to the ridge, follow that until you meet up with the new trail and follow that one back to the lake. That way you can do Panorama Ridge as a loop trail. I know you didn't want to camp at the same place every day but there aren't that many choices in the park.

Day 4 - Black Tusk - Today we're going to move camp as well. Get a change of scenery. Pack camp, head out to Black Tusk. As you turn off the main trail onto the Black Tusk trail, there is a small patch of trees. Ditch your backpacks here, don't worry they'll be fine. Take water bottles, lunch and maybe a climbing helmet if the trail is really busy. Do the summit of the Tusk. Remember when you're coming down the chimney that at one point you'll need to step out of the chimney and not down climb it all the way. When upclimbing note where you step in, so you'll see it on your way down.
Have lunch, take pictures, relax a bit.
Head back, grab the packs and continue on to Helm Creek Meadows to camp. Pray to the Bug Gods that it's not too bad there. Bring lots of insect repellent.

Day 5 - Empetrum Ridge - Leave Helm Meadows and go back out onto the Cinder Flats you crossed over yesterday. You're trying to get to the other side of Helm Creek so depending on how fast it's running you may need to head almost all the way back across the flats and go around the little tarns that are there.
You're heading up on to Empetrum Ridge, this is more of a route than a trail. Just head whichever way works, as you make your way up and onto the ridge. You'll have Black Tusk at your back as you hike up, but if you do searches on here you'll see pictures of the unique perspective it gives you on the Tusk by hiking up here. It's not a trail that's done a lot either so you'll likely have it to yourselves.
This is a pretty easy hike and won't take long, so take it easy. Have a long lunch and maybe a nap on the ridge.

Day 6 - Hike back to the parking lot at Cheackamus Lake for pick up.

Hope no matter what you guys end up doing you have a blast! I love that part of Garibaldi Park.

See you on the trails!
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I guess if we took two vehicles up we could do this, thanks for the suggestion! I'm super excited
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I did something similar to the suggested trip a few years back and it was a great time. Holy I found my old trip report
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