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Default Hurley 2wd?

Hi folks - I'm thinking of heading up the Hurley to the Semaphore Lakes area. I have a 2wd hatchback, with less-than-ideal clearance. The Scrambles book says the Hurley is 2wd, and many scrambles listed there are 2wd access, but the Ministry of Forests website says 2wd not recommended. I was always under the impression it was a 4wd road. Help is appreciated!
Cheers, Dan
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User bramvs was up there on the weekend, or maybe the one before, so you could send him a PM. Last time I was there (a couple years ago) the road was quite washboarded and rough, but I don't think there were any waterbars or anything. Also don't recall it being extraordinarily steep. However, it was quite rough, and it's a fairly long way up to railroad pass, so I don't think I'd take my car there (and I drive on a lot of ridiculous roads with it). But it probably just depends on when it was last graded.
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Yeah, we drove up last Fri to just before Railroad pass from the Pemberton side in a 4wd. I wasn't driving, so I won't be able to give you a lot of detail, but it should be fine to drive up with 2wd (in most cases the Hurley is in rough 2wd conditions anyway). You won't need a lot of clearance, and as swebster said, the road is not extremely steep. You should expect potholes and washboards though, and the Hurley also gains a lot of elevation on a relatively short distance on that side, so you'll be going slow. I guess it mostly just depends on how much you like your car.

FYI, still tons of snow at Railroad pass. We skied right from the car up to Faceless. Excellent summer ski trip.
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Yeah, 2wd is fine. Nice paint won't be anymore, compact spare tire is a bad idea, low profile tires a terrible idea. But a beater with good tires, no problem. Beware pick-up trucks drifting wide around corners with young guys feeling macho.
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I drove up the lillooet FSR 2 weeks ago to meager creek area (past where the hurley starts from) and it was the nicest gravel I've even seen! must have been freshly graded. I don't know if they went up the hurley though as well.

might still be snow too?
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Headed for the Mountains
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Interest: hiking, climbing, photography
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Thanks folks - if we head up that way, I'll post a report, with pictures of the road!
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Any car can make it up the hurley, it just depends what you want to put your car through. I have seen minivans, volvos, civics etc. at Railroad Pass. As has been mentioned, there are usually lots of washboard and potholes (unless it has been freshly graded). Depending on where you are going, it is a lot of distance on gravel. But you should never need clearance or 4wd, except when the road has very recently been plowed and is still muddy. All that being said, I'm happy I've had a truck when I've driven it, as you can go faster and worry less about wear and tear.

Conditions as of a week ago were moderate. It hasn't been recently graded, but I've seen it in worse conditions. Snowline is right at Railroad Pass, but the road was plowed well weeks ago.
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