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Default $10000 fine for backcountry hiking?

I just got back about 2 days ago and herd there was a backcountry hiking ban in most of BC. Does someone want to fill me in on this no hiking thing? And maybe where I can go hiking?

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Yeah, Be careful where you hike... Fire danger is extremely high. Be AWARE when you go out. The Authorities wanna keep you off the trails for the time being but as we all know, can't keep everyone out. Be prepared for serious fines if you get caught in some areas. BE VERY CAREFULL WHERE YOU HIKE, AND AVOID STARTING FIRES (keep your matches in your pocket, leave your magnifying-glass at home, don't rub any sticks together and don't leave your water bottle sitting in the sun for too long). Oh yeah, if you smoke, don't be blindly throwing your burning butts in the trees expecting them to go out all on their own without causing massive devistation. Check with the local authority in the area you want to hike into, to make sure they wont fine you for hiking there, before you go. Be careful when posting details of your hikes here as you will be subjected to massive criticism and scrutiny. And remember, as we all suffer through this temporary ban... forrest fires are common and essential to forrest rejuvination. These forrests could NOT SURVIVE without them. And while many people believe that humans cause more "devistating" fires than other natural causes do... this is simply not the case. Humans do, however, feel alot more devistated when their "man-made" residential surroundings burn to the ground than does the forrest when it's components are returned to the earth and are reduced to ash (temporarily). The concept is hard for alot of people to wrap their minds around and it still strikes a sharp chord among many.

Carefully now...

Now where did I park my dam bike?
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hi Saxysoccerduck -

It's true, there is a backcountry hiking ban, affecting most parks in BC South of Prince George.

More info here -


and here -


Also, look in the Park Closures thread here on ClubTread for more information.

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I am the provincial facilitator for Trails BC which has developed the Trans Canada Trail which links communities from Victoria to the Alberta border. Snce a great deal of our trail uses crown land, the TCT is effectively closed due to the Ministry of Forest ban - check www.for.gov.bc.ca/protect. Many municipalities are affected. As an example, North Vancouver shut all trails 2 weeks ago, which eliminated the use of the majority of the hiking trails such as Nelson Creek Trail, Skyline Trail and Baden Powell Trail; Chilliwack has closed all trails; while Vancouver/Burnaby which have essentially urban paved trails, have not closed trails yet. We are advising people to not use trails and to respect the ban.

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Here's my thinking:

Please be darn sure you have contacted the authority who oversees your proposed trail - Some are maintained by forestry, others are in a provincial park, some are in national parks, some are inside community limits (sometimes surprisingly so), etc.

Make sure the trail is open before going. Wouldn't hurt to get a name and ph.number of the person who told you it's open...

If you're not sure, DON'T GO!

Before going up a dead-end road or trail, it doesn't hurt to think about what kind of situation you'd be in if a new fire started along that road or trail: trapped, probably. Firefighters are busy enough, they don't need new complications like rescues!

That said, it is sometimes surprising what is open... I contacted the proper authority for an extremely popular backpacking trail and was told the closures don't affect that trail, even though the map I saw showed it being just inside the huge backcountry closure area. I had a backcountry permit to back me up.

I got lucky - surprisingly little smoke. Weather was good for hiking but I'm sure bad for the fires.

One more tip - it's amazing just how many fires are burning... The GREAT MAJORITY don't EVER get any mention in the press. The latitudes and longitudes of KNOWN fires can be found here (once you first select your region):

But remember that new starts happen EVERY DAY at this time of year!!

- Hank from Calgary
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Doon of Dusk: amazing site. Thanks so much.

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