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Default Interesting email about some Stein history...

I recently received an email from Anne Richardson regarding a story that was posted on ClubTread about the Stein Traverse -

In her email to me, she talks about her father, one of the people who helped build the cabin in the 60's. She also has some other interesting history outlined that I thought many here would like to see.

Email is included below (posted with permission).



It is with interest that I read "glory monger" account of his hike up to Lizzy cabin and beyond to the Stein.

He might be interested to know that the cabin was built in the early 60's by George Richardson, Max Juri, Tom Anderson and Dave Nickerson. George owned and operated Twin Creek Cabins on Lillooet Lake until the mid 80's and now lives at 80 years young in North Vancouver, with his wife, Patricia. Max is farming and logging in Pemberton. Tom Anderson married and moved to Vancouver Island and is now on one of the gulf islands. Dave Nickerson died in 1999, by his own hand. He was living on Lillooet Lake at the time of his death. He was a carpenter by trade. He in fact did not live at the cabin up Lizzy. No one did. It was built to provide a base for hiking and exploring the watershed area.

Tundra Lake, Long Lake, Long Peak, Doctor's ridge, Cherry Pit pass, Caltha Lake, Arrowhead lake, Iceberg lake etc etc. were all named by either one of the fellow's who built the cabin or their family members. Many of the mountains surrounding Lillooet Lake were first ascended by these folks and named by them. Tom Anderson and Max Juri were more adventurous in their Ice Climbing whereas George was more cautious in his approach! None the less, they named most of what you see on the modern maps.

The Telephone and Thermostat are a good example of George's humour. He liked nothing better than to take a city slicker up to the cabin and pretend to turn up the heat and call out for pizza delivery - and watch their faces with glee.

There used to be a wood shed behind the existing cabin. The newest of the many outhouses dug sits close to the site of that shed.

How do I know all of this you might ask? I am the youngest daugher of George and Patricia Richardson. My last visit to the cabin (which we refer to as Tommy's Cabin, after Tom Anderson), was in the mid 1990's when the most recent out house was constructed by Pat, George, Dave Nickerson and myself. The roof was changed shortly after that to a new, supposedly improved metal roof. It would appear to not have been a good move as the tarp indicates the roof leaks. The original shake roof was constructed from blocks of wood along the trail and closer to Lizzy Lake, and each bundle was carried up and put on by hand. The plank floors were all made with a chain saw free hand, not with an Alaskan mill. And the original tin stove and the sink were carried up piecemeal from below. The trail head used to be below the last steep pitch before Lizzy Lake. More recent logging brought the trail to Lizzy Lake itself, where there was a BC Forestry campsite, - built by George Richardson (and myself as a summer student).

It is interesting to read people's accounts of their travels. You might wish to pass along this information to the fellow who wrote in so that he has a more complete and accurate story of what he saw.

Thank you.

Anne Richardson

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Great article. Thanks for posting.[8D] The care and hardwork are impressive!
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Very cool..thanks for posting this LS

Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment

Harry Neale

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It's so nice to put names on the folks that provided these things in the past. We take so much for granted, sometimes.
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That's cool, thanks for posting
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this is terrific thank you Jim for posting this.

and Anne Richardson, if you are reading this page, kind regards and welcome to Club Tread.
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Sorry to bump a decade-old thread. I've been piecing together what I remember of my own history and was wondering whatever became of Dave Nickerson's kids, Mark and Shiloh (not sure of the spelling on that last one). My parents and my sisters and I lived with Dave, his wife Gail, and their two kids briefly sometime in the 80's. Dave had built a nice cabin complete with a "Peltin wheel" - a small wheel in a stream used to generate electricity. He allegedly developed "cabin fever" towards the end of his life after Gail and the kids left him.

I also remember George "Geordie" Richardson and his wife Pat. Geordie would often come to visit and would bring candy for us kids... typically mints. A very cheerful and sociable fellow as I recall.

I have found this page with some of Geordie's story on it:

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