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Default Skyline Trail with a kid/teenager

Today I was lucky to grab permits for the Skyline Trail (cancellations!). I want to attempt that with a 12 year old, almost 13. He is a very sensible, kind person but still a kid - almost a teenager. And not used to the Canadian wilderness and never went hiking as far as I know (he is sportive). Any tips how to make this hike an enjoyable experience for him? (he is a perfect camper, doesn’t need a pillow and sleeps perfectly on hard ground. He is a nature lover, just made a study on how to repel snails from garden plants without chemicals (coffee ground works best)).

I feel confident but also a bit nervous. (would have loved to do Berg Lake, more families, but the dates don’t fit – yet). Unfortunately I don’t know the Skyline Trail myself. But I guess it’s pretty easy overall besides the last boring stretch – we'll start from Maligne Lake, 3 nights.

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