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July 16, 2017 - went up Hat Mountain today via West Ridge. Started from Lions Bay (school overflow parking lot), via the trail shared with West Lions, Harvey and Brunswick. From Brunswick trail, took the fork (left) for Hat Mountain, passed the intersection with Tunnel Bluffs trail and then the right fork for Hat Mountain. Trail is marked clearly with yellow diamonds or red paint up until the first boulder field. Shortly after that the markers are gone and orange / pink stripes appear. Spotty, but they are there. Eventually snow patches appear too (around 1,500m) which made trail finding a bit of a challenge too (it did slowed me down a fair bit) Used micro-spikes once for a steep bit. Unlikely I did the traverse metioned in few trip reports (the one that meets the south ridge trail) as I ended up pretty much going straight up and sumitted a bit to the right of the radio transmitter. But that's what my GPS map said and I followed it religiously Only one tricky move but nothing out of ordinary. For return I took the standard Hat Mountain trail over Fat Ass peak to Howe Sound Crest Trail. Things escalated quickly with some nasty steep traverses over hard packed snow. Wished I had the ice axe with me but got away with only one slide. Whoever is considering Howe Sound Crest Trail, should consider some gear too. Took the Brunswick trail down. 04:20 (hh:mm) car to car.

Brunswick Trail and the Tunnel Bluffs connector are a bit overgrown in places and can use some trimming: I haven't been in a jungle yet but it can't get it much worse than this There are also some trees down that you need to navigate.

Links to some pictures I took: Right arrow for 5 more.
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