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Between my boyfriend and myself;
Almost always hiking together and within a close range (when out of eyesight).. We carry 2 packs: A hip pack that carries all the little things you might need to pull out here or there, including easy access to first aid kit/bearspray map/compass flashlight small snacks and water, plastic rain poncho (and a few more). Things like whistles,gloves,pocket knife are attached by a shoelace to the inside of my jacket's pockets so I don't lose them and always have them on me.

We also carry a larger pack that contains our major extra's like mini survival kit (extra flashlight with battries, spaceblanket, fishing stuff, soap, water treatment teabags, hempstring,matches,lighter, condom for transporting water if needed, plastic bags,fire starter stuff and few more things) which fits into a small light material pencil case . The usual lunch/large snacks and stove, extra water, plastic bags, rope, water pot, extra snacks hats and clothes and such are also in there .. I'm proabably going to put a little tyvek in there too as its so light!

Most of the time, we don't need to even touch the larger pack.. but we bring it if we plan to be out more than 2 hours(return).. though we do tone it down a little on hikes that we've done repeatedly(like dam mountain).. where we stock more on a place we havent been!

kris will tell his roommates where he's headed out to and I usually call up and leave messages with a friend:"hey I'm heading out with my boyfriend hiking.. we're going such and such area.. from the book by so-and-so.. I should be back by (this time) and will call you when i get in so you know I'm not dead and lying in a ditch "

We've gone out hiking where we've been really not so prepared ONCE..It was a great eye opener. (We made the decision to turn back once we hit the snowline with just basic snacks, a garbage bag, and a sweater)..Though we most likely would have been allight to continue the last 1.5km, we wern't comfortable.

Turning back is a great option when you realise you're not prepared.. I've come across many people that wouldn't even think of turning around on a hike even if they were unprepared(superman ego) Maybe it's just the pride... For myself.. well.. the mountain isn't going anywhere.. there's always another day to get up and hike it!
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