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Default How heavy is your pack?

For a 2-3 day trip, my pack usually hovers around 30 lbs, including a couple of beers. I'm trying to keep my pack weight under 35 lbs for our West Coast Trail trip in a few weeks, which I think should be manageable without giving up too many items. Friends that we hike with sometimes go super light with their stuff, but they end up not being comfortable at night and don't get enough sleep. To me, getting a good sleep at night is well worth the pack weight! My friend only shaves a few lbs off her pack and ends up paying for it all night. Not me! I sleep like a freaking rock with my gear!!

I think 30-25 lbs for a 130 lb woman is a decent pack weight. I could go lighter, but every item either swapped or dropped would reduce my comfort and I'm willing to make that weight trade off for comfort.

How about you guys? What is you pack weight usually? Are you typically comfortable?
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