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Originally Posted by Wandering Tree Frog View Post
Weights! Big weights. Low reps. I do 5x5 leg press at 400-500lbs, depending on where I'm at in my training cycle. Obviously proper form and a warmup is important. Leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises. Big numbers, I don't worry about multijoint exercises or stabilizer muscles in the gym, the hiking takes care of that. The gym is to develop power.

On the stair master, hands off the bars, you want to be pushing your body weight, not just your legs with your arms supporting your body. Also try intervals.

Hike steep trails with a weighted pack. I've carried a water cooler jug up the Abby and dewdney grind many times. Pack weight on the way up with water hits 60 pounds. Dump out the water on top to save your knees for the descent.

You may want to look into the book Training for the new Alpinism by Steve House and Scott Johnson. Or their website uphillathlete.
i can lift that no problem. but it's the low rep gym training that made me think my legs were not accustomed to the high rep that hiking demands.

So i started things like the stair master .... However, i do hold on to the bars while i climb. That's probably a good point. I'll try and keep the arms off.
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