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Hello Ryl,

I am glad you enjoyed your hike.

As the person who designed and built (with my volunteer crew) the new Watersprite Trail, I must admit I find it entertaining when I hear about the complaints on social media from the running shoe wearing "Joffre's" that my crew and I haven't drained every drop of water and mud from the entire trail, or missed a few downed trees or alders.
It would be nice to have a few of the complaining "Joffre's" come out on a trail clearing trip.

That being said, the new Watersprite Lake Trail has come a LONG way since 2015. We have completed installing three bridges, 90 feet of boardwalk, installed almost 80 steps, and performed drainage and round step installation/construction. Us volunteer trail builders have a lot more to do and are working hard. Our work is made harder by the onslaught of the "Joffre'" masses that have been released upon a trail we have yet to fully complete.
Regarding the upper creek crossing: Our bridging materials (decking and gabions) are now on site for that final upper bridge, but we haven't yet installed it. This is on our itinerary for this summer.

Your friendly neighbourhood BCMC Trail Building Crew Chief.

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