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Default Missing a leg..

Last year in an unfortunate hiking accident (involving a river) I lost a leg of my favorite zip-off hiking pants. During the last 11 months I've worn all sorts of other hiking pants but none have been as comfortable. I also haven't found any decent sources of fabric to make a new leg. The model of my pants isn't made anymore, and their closest model now (Prana, Zion convertible) is $110.

Does anyone know a good source for 2-way stretch DWR fabric? Closest I've come is ~$10/yrd, with $26+ shipping (to Canada), no choice in colour.

Does anyone have a spare leg they don't need? (23.5" long or longer, ~10.5" across zipper). Color doesn't matter much as I don't wear these in civilized areas, but the pants are brown. Zipper I'd have to replace myself. Could even take a leg off some non-zip pants. Worst case I sacrifice some Costco pants ($22) but hoping to find some fabric with a little stretch.
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