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Originally Posted by Lythe View Post
While temp ratings on bags vary between manufacturers and even between bags, I'll pick down over synthetic anytime. Switching from a -7 synthetic (Marmot) to a -7 Down (MEC) made a noticable warmth difference, never mind weight and compactness. And most blogs I read recommend down even in damp climates, as a wet bag is a wet bag no matter the insulation and good habits will generally keep any bag dry.

I have slept in Down many times on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in the mist zone where campfires are allowed even during most fire bans because the air is so moist.

Also take a good look at your ground insulation, as even synthetic bags don't work as well underneath you when compressed.
I guess down has changed quite a bit over the years, I didn't consider or really look into a down bag just simply due to where we live and the moisture level, but I see a lot of the new bags where the feathers are treated against moisture which I assume is something new in the last couple years.

I spent most of last evening looking researching new down bags and will be sending back the Marmot and going with a down bag...the best bang for the buck I found was the Klymit KSB 20 bag, which has a better EN rating of -6.6c, and user reviews seem to be positive for those that sleep really cold. I think it will be a good match with my insulated sleeping pad.
It also comes in a great price point of 135 USD on campsaver...

EDIT: I actually found a coupon code for 10% off and worked out to be $121 USD. Bought it.

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