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quote:Originally posted by The Hiker

quoter on compass lanyard worn aroudnd the neck (something I don't advocate in the brush).
How come [?] This is something I have done from time-to-time.
Is it the hanging aspect or getting it caught on something.If its tucked into your shirt it shouldn't be a problem.
Good tip about the whistle in the pocket.If you ever loose your pack your stuck. I guess I keep mine in the pack or else I would forget to take it along.

"No Trail is Long with Good Company"
It is primarily the risk of getting it hung up on something and causing strangulation risk. When I say in the brush, I'm talking about off trail in areas where you're crawling over/under things. I'd get sick of stuffing the damn thing back down in my shirt! Of course, falling off a trail could put you in this situation too!

Really to each his/her own. I don't like having stuff to get hung up on things when I'm outdoors. I don't wear necklackes hiking/climbing/cycling, my wedding ring comes off to rock climb, as does my watch. Just personal preference.

A trip is about the journey as much, if not more than about the destination. What is the joy in reaching your destination if you've ignored everything along the way?

Alex Lowe said it best: "The best climber is the one having the most fun."
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