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Some guides to correct this, reported from other communities:

If you are using Adblock Plus:
1- Click on adblock icon
2- Go to 'Filter Preferences'
3- Go to 'Custom Filters'
4- Click on 'Exception Rules'
5- Click on 'Add Filter' (top right)
6- Enter this and hit Enter:
If you are using uBlock Origin:
1- Click on uBlock icon
2- Click on the little gear on the top left
3- Go to 'My filters'
4- Enter this:
5- Click 'Apply changes'

If you are using Ghostery:
1- Click on Ghostery icon
2- Click 'View all trackers'
3- Scroll to VerticalScope and choose the shield icon (Trust on this site)

**These steps are for Firefox extensions, but Chrome should have similar paths.

Global fix:
Visit with your adblockers on
In your settings, disable the adblocker for this site
This should carry across all VS domains
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