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Originally Posted by pdomansky View Post
What offline mapping software/tracking software are you using? I have tried a few, tried Backcountry Navigator Pro, Map my hike, but I find the one with the best maps, features and ease of use for price is Viewranger with the $7.99 offline Canadian Topographical map. It's available for Android or iPhone.

Since using my phone as my primary, I have yet to fall back to my handheld. After this year, if I don't use it, it will be going in to my "retired" bin of gear and I will solely use the phone.
When I bought the Samsung Galaxy S6 it was in part because of the inclusion of GLONASS as well as GPS, but yes many phones now use both. Among others there's a network of new positioning satellites coming fully on stream soon called BDS, from China. It's called BeiDou/COMPASS and it will soon offer a build out of more than 30 global satellites. It already works very well in Asia and most upcoming smart phones will use these signals

As for mapping apps I really like AlpineQuest. It has many online map bases to choose from (I like Open Cycle/HIke), good recording options, compass etc. Open cycle/hike has plots of thousands of trails from all over the world. AlpineQuest is easy to pre-cache an area, at high resolution when you're online then have it available offline, but large area map caches can take a lot of memory.

Avenza PDF Maps is a very good app for viewing and track recording on BC's TRIM georeferenced data set

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