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Originally Posted by xj6response View Post
For the last two years I've pretty much parked my GPS. The Galaxy S6 I have just seems to do it all what with a nice suite of tracking and mapping apps to choose from, most with great offline pre-caching abilities as well. I just put the thing in low power mode, turn off the mobile data and map away with many hours of battery life.

The eTrex gps we have works well but the smartphone offers a lot more flexibility, even if accuracy of output is not quite as good.
What offline mapping software/tracking software are you using? I have tried a few, tried Backcountry Navigator Pro, Map my hike, but I find the one with the best maps, features and ease of use for price is Viewranger with the $7.99 offline Canadian Topographical map. It's available for Android or iPhone.

Since using my phone as my primary, I have yet to fall back to my handheld. After this year, if I don't use it, it will be going in to my "retired" bin of gear and I will solely use the phone.

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