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Originally Posted by kellymcdonald78 View Post
I a traditional GPS (Garmin Oregon) with the Backroads map set for Alberta and BC (I really like the level of trail information these map sets provide). While a dedicated GPS and smartphone will be just as accurate when locked onto the GPS constellation, a dedicated GPS can lock under a wider variety of conditions (clouds, bad weather, forests, canyons etc).
Funny, I never noticed any difference. For example: This winter I was using my new Asus Zeofone 3 in airplane mode (No cell reception, but had GPS turned on to high accuracy) tracking my ski day on one of the interior mountains in a white out/blizzard,50 kmh winds, in temperatures going down to -26c, so the conditions couldn't possibly get any worse... The phone locked on to a signal relatively quickly (within 30 seconds), and subsequently, I had my handheld GPS tracking the same stats for comparison sake, took about the same time to lock on to a signal, and both tracks were literally identical when overlayed in google earth.

Perhaps GPS technology in phones has changed/improved over the last few years.

Note: Phone I have is an ASUS Zenfone 3. According to maunfacturer specs, has A-GPS, GLONASS.
Handheld GPS: Magellan Xplorist 510

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