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Default Thanks to those who know CPR

I'm not on a lot of forums but I wanted to get this out there so clubtread is the place:

2 weeks ago my father had a heart attack, in mid-afternoon, on the street in downtown Vancouver. His heart stopped, he fell, fractured his skull, there must have been blood. All we know is somebody got on him immediately and give him CPR while 911 was called. The ambulance got there 3 minutes later!! What a city... holy f*ck it gives me chills thinking of that situation playing out. Thank you to whomever was brave enough to give life saving care to a total stranger. The prompt response saved him from death or brain damage.

He woke from his coma about a week later, on the road to a slow recovery. I've taken CPR courses 2x in the last decade, every time it fades from memory after a week. I'm committed to at least a yearly refresher now.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this message out however I could. Thank you whoever you are, thank you paramedics, doctors and nurses... the man has many children and grandchildren who love him.
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