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Originally Posted by clayriley View Post
Thanks for the info Al. I always thought the old Burma Bridge was located at the site of the new connector. I'm going to look for those old boards to locate the site. My neighbour (aged 84) walked the Burma years ago. She recalls it consisted of a single cable to walk on, 2 cables above for hand holding and cables along the way that looped from one hand cable down to the foot cable and back up to the other hand cable, for stability I guess.
I have an old map from 1978 which shows the position of the Burma. Am curious about the Burke falls, located above the upper falls and below the old burma bridge site on the map. Are you familiar with these falls?
Yes, that's my recollection as well. You walked on one steel cable and then two more were about waist level or a bit higher for hand holds. Then there were smaller cables tying the three together. It seemed like fun at the time (I was about 18) but in reality there wasn't much to protect you from falling. I think it was only about 10 feet above the water so the fall wouldn't be too far. I wish I had a photo of it but I don't think so.

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