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There are different ways to skin the cat. Everyone will probably agree that conditions in national parks are deteriorating. But I am not sure how much you can blame PC. It is a hard task -- not enough resources and ever increasing demand.

Development (skywalks, chairlifts, etc.) is only worsening conditions for sure. But it is the way things work; you can't turn back the wheel of time. Nobody is going to tear down lodge at Maligne lake and close the road; or take down Whistler skytram, or .... it's just how things are. They call it "sustainable development" (is there really such a thing??)

Key reason that causes just about every problem this planet has -- from climate change to global insecurity, unemployment etc etc - and finally to parks/outdoor is due to one and only one thing: uncontrolled population growth. Resources stay the same but demand grows; it is as simple as that. Until this is addressed, every solution is like treating nasal infection by wiping runny nose to temporarily ease the symptoms.

Free pass was wrong move in my view too; it is a political thing. I hate to think what Banff will look like this summer. Last year they had to completely close Lake Louise village 1 day; imagine what is going to happen this year.
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