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Question Summit Lake Route - Exists on maps, nowhere else


I've done a lot of trips in the last year yet for some reason I forgot to post any of them in Club Tread. Whatever, new year, new possibilities!

I have a question about a very obscure bit of trail. I'm very interested in Wells Gray Provincial Park (and spent a bit of time in it when I was attending Thompson Rivers University). The backcountry of the park is incredible because of how mind-bogglingly huge it is. My bucket-list trip that is within that park other than boating both of the major lakes and maybe getting to Angus Horne one day is to get to Hobson Lake.

So far as I know, very very very few people got to Hobson because, as is typical, BC Parks built the trail and promptly decided it wasn't worth keeping it open despite its access to a veritable inland sea. The only trail that even pretends to appear on park maps once you're there is the route from the portage at the north end of Clearwater.

I'm curious about the Summit Lake route from Quesnel Lake to Hobson Lake. It appears barely on the park overview map on the BC Parks website, but as it is primarily within Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park (the existence of which most people in BC aren't even aware of), it appears in some other ways on the maps related to that park:

The only photo of the area I can find:

If anyone has ever spent some time in the serious backcountry of Wells Gray, I'd love to hear if you have any resources on this. If there is a better place this could be in the community, please let me know.
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