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Originally Posted by Stoked View Post
I appreciate your concern, Susied. I would like to add to what Junglesavage has added.

ClubTread is a business. If memory serves me correctly, it was sold a few years ago to a web hosting company in Toronto. It makes money off advertising. That is the business model as I understand it.

Take a corporation such as MEC. It is a co-operative but it pretty much operates as a retail business. It returns profits to the customers (shareholders) as dividends. It also funds outdoor organizations for projects that are worthwhile to the larger outdoor community. It would be a good thing if ClubTread's web hosting company were also to donate a percentage of profit to worthwhile projects.

Prolific contributors add to the bottom line of the hosting company. How about those CT contributors get together and request a donation to build an emergency shelter at Watersprite Lake? Local people will probably be familiar with at least one of the emergency shelters near Vancouver- Magnesia Meadows, Brunswick Lake, Rutherford Creek, Golden Ears. These are not extravagant huts. They are A-frame designs, probably simple to erect. Probably matching funding can be obtained from MEC or other community-minded organizations.
CROSSNA Outdoor Sports Society is the local largest, oldest and the "only one" Chinese non-profit outdoor club here. It's our dream and CROSSNA's dream to build and maintain a backcountry cabin in the future, we will for sure need your input and help then.


We are a non-profit multi-cultural sports club in the Lower Mainland, promoting an outdoor lifestyle, backcountry knowledge and safety awareness. The club shares a love of the beautiful wilderness of BC with new Canadians. For more than 10 years we have organized a variety of excursions involving hiking, skiing, fishing, mountaineering and other outdoor activities, year-round with an event scheduled almost every weekend and occasionally on weekdays. Additionally we have operated our website: for more than 10 years, with over 8,000 registered members and over 800 active members. The services provided are event organization, trip planning and reporting, safety education, gear and techniques training, etc. to our members and to the general public.

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