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Default Return percentage of profit to the community

Originally Posted by susied View Post
Guess you are out of luck if you have an emergency - this seems pretty harsh.
I appreciate your concern, Susied. I would like to add to what Junglesavage has added.

ClubTread is a business. If memory serves me correctly, it was sold a few years ago to a web hosting company in Toronto. It makes money off advertising. That is the business model as I understand it.

Take a corporation such as MEC. It is a co-operative but it pretty much operates as a retail business. It returns profits to the customers (shareholders) as dividends. It also funds outdoor organizations for projects that are worthwhile to the larger outdoor community. It would be a good thing if ClubTread's web hosting company were also to donate a percentage of profit to worthwhile projects.

Prolific contributors add to the bottom line of the hosting company. How about those CT contributors get together and request a donation to build an emergency shelter at Watersprite Lake? Local people will probably be familiar with at least one of the emergency shelters near Vancouver- Magnesia Meadows, Brunswick Lake, Rutherford Creek, Golden Ears. These are not extravagant huts. They are A-frame designs, probably simple to erect. Probably matching funding can be obtained from MEC or other community-minded organizations.
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