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Default I understand your perspective, but...

Originally Posted by susied View Post
Guess you are out of luck if you have an emergency - this seems pretty harsh.
Hello susied. I am also a BCMC Executive member (specifically the guy who planned and built the trail to the cabin). We are struggling with serious management issues with regards to the Watersprite Lake Trail and Cabin. For instance, this winter the area has seen significant snowmobile intrusion, despite being zoned non-motorized by the Sea to Sky LRMP. Furthermore, we have had our cabin and trail construction materials burned up by members of the public in open fires to roast marshmallows, as well as our winter firewood for the stove which was flown in at our expense, taken and burned in open firepits.
There is a covered area where the non-paying public can shelter under in an emergency.
The behaviour of a few bad apples have made it too much of a risk and liability for us to leave the cabin unlocked.
As we anticipate massive numbers on the new trail this upcoming summer (it is a spectacular and deluxe trail), we have to think ahead. Trail maintenance alone is also going to pose significant challenges for us as unlike BC Parks which pays contractors to build and maintain its trails, we do so as volunteers and the costs come out of our own pockets.

Just a little background.


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