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Originally Posted by CEB View Post
I'm in Lake Country and have been thinking about trying to fit a Mt Assinboine hike in somehow this summer too. I like the idea of Sunshine to Shark as a long time ago we Mtn biked in to Assinboine (well-carried the bikes in some sections) from the Shark/Bryant side so I've always wanted to go back and do a thru hike and see if we were just really young and fit, stupid, or it was actually no big deal and we were actually wusses. I might be up for car drop coordination.
The car drop might work. I should warn you that we are neither young or particularly fit. (we did however hike the north coast trail last summer although that was more a case of perseverance than fitness. (Our hiking day was 8 hours to cover the same distance that the more fit people were doing in 4 to 6 hours)
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