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Originally Posted by Trail Talk View Post
There is a responsible use for helicopters but last summer around Canmore there was nothing but noise from aerial tours up and down Cougar Creek or over towards Mt Shark. Few years back I made the mistake of hiking up to Berg Lake on a helicopter day which totally ruined the experience. More distressing were the sky tourists coming down in flip flops dropping candy wrappers. Not carrying your own sh*t up often means a careless attitude, sad to say :-(
It is hard to argue helicopter noise is anything but annoyance, specially when you are coming to mountains for peace. My point was, since there is already that option for Assiniboine, it is well worth considering compared to long day up Bryant creek. I'd never fly to Berg Lake though, as approach is so scenic & well worth experiencing over and over.

Air noise pollution is specially bad around metro-Van, which means North Shore mountains as well. Helicopters, tourist float planes even smaller commercial air traffic (cuts straight above Kitsilano). Once I was on ridge from Coliseum to Burwell & this orange buzzer kept doing circles above me for 15 minutes. Really ruined my day. First I thought it was NSR thinking I was lost or something, but they just kept circling; thought they would never leave.

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