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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
I used to think/say that, but friend talked me into flying; I was super glad I listened. Here's why:

1. Flying in the chopper is awesome experience!
2. 26km Bryant slog with heavy overnight pack == there are better ways to spent precious outdoor time
3. Since you don't carry anything, you can pack in more food == more time in core area!
4. Fly gear out & you can still hike out approach == day-hiking with light pack entire trip

Agreed about noise, etc. But they don't fly daily, only twice/week I think.
There is a responsible use for helicopters but last summer around Canmore there was nothing but noise from aerial tours up and down Cougar Creek or over towards Mt Shark. Few years back I made the mistake of hiking up to Berg Lake on a helicopter day which totally ruined the experience. More distressing were the sky tourists coming down in flip flops dropping candy wrappers. Not carrying your own sh*t up often means a careless attitude, sad to say :-(

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